Monday, December 24, 2012

The Birthings: A Christmas Poem

Merry Christmas!  As I finish wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, I thought I'd take a little time out to post this old Christmas poem that is still one of my favorites (and no, I don't really say that about all of them)

The Birthings

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth
The Spirit hovered over the waters on the day of its birth
Jesus was the Word of God, who spoke all things to be
The Trinity is there in the first Bible verses three

But more than just the earth was made, the Father made it all
From the largest of the large to the smallest of the small
The moon, the stars, the nebulas, the vast expanse of space
To microbes, atoms, particles, up to the human race!

Scientists and quantum theorists say we are not alone
And speculate of aliens on planets still unknown
And alternate realities, so many we can’t count
How many may be possible, the type nor the amount

Then elements of water, ethos, fire, dirt, and air
Of rocks and shoals and hidden coves, and lands beyond compare
He made the plants, the bugs, the fish, the flowers and the trees
Reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and of course, the birds and bees

Then He made man, who had, above all, a distinct advantage
For differently from all other life, He made man in His image
But not just flesh and bone, but mind and heart, and free will too
To make the choice of right or wrong, to quest for what is true

With choice for good or evil, and Satan lurking around
It’s not a shock the first man crossed onto forbidden ground
And ate a fruit that opened eyes and caused mankind to fall
Though another birth years later would save us one and all

The Word made flesh was who He was; Jesus Christ the Lord
And through His birth and death, our salvation was restored
For when He died, He took the sin that was our cross to bear
He died a gruesome death and thought of us with loving care

And so from three parts God, we come to more births than just two
The birth of Man, the birth of Christ, and yet God was not through
For Jesus rose, and paved the way for us to follow Him
To save us from our futures which were justified and grim

But that’s not the future now, and we can be reborn
If we believe in Jesus Christ and in His blood we’re sworn
The gift of life and salvation is God’s great gift to us
So that we may become the rescued righteous US in JESUS


  1. Great poem! Very meaningful, full of wisdom and a total package. I definitely commend this one as one of the best short Christmas poems ever. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Thank you Anne Walker, I really appreciate the comment! I checked out your blogs and I like them. I will have to explore them more. I think I'll add you to my list so I can easily check them out.
    If you like, you may use this poem on your "short Christmas poems" list, as long as you give me credit: Gary Van Buren. I've never had them published, but would enjoy people finding them and enjoying them in other ways other than just this blog.
    Thanks again!
    By the way, if you check out this blog post, you will find all my Christmas poems I've shared so far listed as well, with links to them (and there will be more to come): It's just a few clicks down under "Poems", the Christmas ones starting the third link down (after "Fear" and "Jesus was a Teenager".

  3. That was a lovely poem, im glad i discovered your website while browsing for christmas poems to add to pinterest Thank you!

  4. Been spending time searching for the best Christmas greetings messages and card samples, or maybe gift ideas as early as now. Would like to express my love for those who've supported me the whole year round. Thanks for some ideas here!. :)

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