Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas is More

Christmas is More

Gary Van Buren

Christmas is more than fighting crowds in a store
Buying gifts and paying high prices
Christmas is more than lighted Christmas trees
And electronic holiday devices
Christmas is more than family and friends
Christmas is all about Jesus
For Christmas exists to celebrate not just Him
But the sacrifice that He made for us.

Christmas is more than that sweet Baby Boy
Born in some nativity scene manger
Christmas is more than a carpenter
Teaching wisely about moral danger
Christmas celebrates the glory of Christ
The Word and Son of God
He gave up His life so that we could find Heaven
I am inspired, humbled, and awed

For it is not the Boy, nor the Man, but the Spirit
With an essence like sweet violins
He died for us all on an old wooden cross
And took upon Himself all of our sins
That miracle gives us eternal life
In Heaven, where God's love oversees us
Christmas is more than man's mind can explore;
It is more, for it celebrates Jesus

Happy Birthday, Savior of Mankind!

- From Christmas, 1997

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